What We Do: Get Results

TDG – with three offices and a seasoned team of professionals – is a Boston, Massachusetts based multi-service consulting firm that offers strategic legislative and regulatory strategies for clients. The firm is dedicated to providing meaningful results for businesses and organizations that are steeped in the ethics and relationships forged by Chairman Bill Delahunt.


Areas of Expertise


Funding and Appropriations

The Delahunt Group recognizes the importance of securing funds for the success of many important initiatives.

With the political landscape for funding and appropriations constantly changing, TDG can help provide clear and concise guidance on how to fund certain projects.

We have a proven track record of helping organizations secure grants and funding for a number of projects, businesses and organizations. We can help clients locate and secure funding from various sources to help grow your organization.




The Delahunt Group is well versed in the operation of federal, state and local government at every level. It provides government, non-profits and businesses with guidance on public policies, third-party advocacy, issue and crisis management. It provides businesses with guidance on public policies, government relations assistance, third-party advocacy, issue and crisis management.

Both in Washington, DC and in Massachusetts, TDG is well positioned with years of experience and relationships to assist companies or groups in assessing public policy implications, planning an effective advocacy campaign, managing potential bureaucratic road blocks, identifying and seeking public assistance or mobilizing development or expansion plans.

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Development Consulting and Executive Authority

Time is money, and in many cases projects and issues can get bogged down in government red tape or in chasing the wrong lead. Sometimes the regulatory process itself can impede a solution or inhibits consensus or a solution.

Sometimes solutions are evident, but they simply fall through the cracks.


Public Policy Advice and Counsel

Shaping public policy is a highly demanding and complicated process. It requires insight into the thinking of key policy makers. It requires knowledge and experience working in the legislative and administrative process.

Understanding the political process and the thinking of key decision-makers is critical to the development of a clear strategy, and a message to persuade policymakers.

The Delahunt Group can assists clients through the public policy process from start to finish.

With a vast network of relationships with policymakers, the Delahunt Group can help assess how public policy initiatives will be met, and how best to approach them.


International Consulting

The Delahunt Group provides clients with assessments of international markets in which they operate, seek to grow or attempt to enter. The firm has a diverse and extensive foreign government relations network in a wide range of countries. TDG identifies key government, business and civil society stakeholders and provides up to date policy, regulatory and political risk assessment assistance for partner identification process.



The Delahunt Group assists domestic firms that seek to enter international markets, and also provides guidance to foreign companies that seek to do business in the United States. The firm provides strategic guidance for market entry, business development, federal and regional government relations, market research and analysis, and partner identification.

TDG can also assist companies that seek to do business overseas with up to date policy, regulatory, and political risk assessments. It can assist with corporate positioning and guidance on reputation management.